Vintage and art collide.
SaintKaylaFilms is just a place for Kayla Straker-Trotman to create and sell art. She loves vintage, nature and takes a spiritual documentary approach to her photography work (that she sometimes turns into GIFs) and everyday life.

Because of her family, she goes between Canada and America. Her favourite island will always be Barbados. Saint Lucia is a close second!

Yes, she still shoots branding / social media photo shoots, petits weddings and events, outside her artistic career.

*****The lodging fee and transportation fee are not required if it is in Ottawa, Montréal, Toronto, NYC or Barbados. The travel fee depends on where she is, at the moment.
*****The SaintKaylaFilms logo is not included in the finalized work.
*****The 1st total branding / social media session price is $500 for 1 hour and 10 photos picked by you. The 2nd total branding / social media session price is $900 for 3 hours and 15 photos picked by you. Petits weddings and events for $350/hour with 50+ photos/hour.

Yes, she does under 30 second videos (check the bag link to see that). Inquire if interested in her doing that for you. Thank you.
Branding / Social Media Package Photo Preview
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Below is my past work editing style. Above is my current work editing style.
“Yes, I will keep on showing my point of view on the world.”
- Kayla Straker-Trotman